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BEHAVIOURAL INTERVIEW SKILLS Know 'how' candidates do, 'what' they do
Behavioural interviewing or competency-based interviewing as it is also known, has been proven to result in a considerably higher rate of success in selecting The Right Choice
candidate than other more traditional methods of interviewing alone.

The Right Choice candidate demonstrates the competence to do the work in a way that best fits with the team and the organisation.

Behavioural Interviewing -The Right Choice® Interview Skills Training Program delivers the skills to implement the PRIORITY ONE TRAINING three (3) phase structured approach to interviewing.

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PRIORITY ONE TRAINING works with organisations to:
1. Specifically design and conduct training in behavioural /competency-based interviewing to improve existing practices; introduce a structured and standardised method of interviewing

2. Develop behaviour-based questions specific to (a) an organisation's competency framework /competencies identified in particular job / role responsibilities (b) organisational values. Providing a highly effective resource to be used across the organisation to promote a consistent approach to selection

Please note: DLA Piper now have a set of behaviour-based questions developed by PRIORITY ONE TRAINING specifically to gather information that directly relates to the DLA Piper Competency Framework.

3. Tailor the PRIORITY ONE TRAINING Behavioural Interviewer's Toolkit to specific recruitment and selection practices and organisational needs

PRIORITY ONE TRAINING worked in a consultancy role with TMP World Wide and Hudson Global on large recruitment / leadership assessment projects over a period of 5 years using behaviour-based interview methodology.

Resource Development - tailored to the organisation
A PRIORITY ONE TRAINING fully tailored Behavioural Interviewer's Toolkit contains: Behavioural Interviewer's Handbook; Competency Dictionary; Behavior-based Questions Collection; Behavioural Interview Guide.

Behavioural Interviewing -The Right Choice® may be purchased under a licensing agreement. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi have purchased a 2 year licence to conduct behavioural interviews, including a fully tailored Behavioural Interviewer's Toolkit for Train-the-Trainer purposes

"it was very good, and well paced, the last activity was extremely helpful, and more time on this would be good. but without sacrificing other parts, perhaps an additional half day would complete the benefit", "should be compulsory for all interview panel members", "although I'm not a lover of audience participation but I must say the practical sessions were very informing, as a group we asked a lot of questions which took us off into different and interesting directions", "I liked Judy's style of short, easy to remember "rules" the three that stuck with me were process for an interview plan, prepare, conduct and rate what do we want from a candidate can do=skills, how to=behaviours and want to=motivation what questions do we ask star - situation/task, action and result", "Judy did have really good sense of our environment and was able to resolve a lot of the issues discussed"
Museum Victoria

"Judy Newgreen is extremely capable and professional".
Assessment & Development Division, TMP Worldwide, December 2002.
PRIORITY ONE TRAINING was contracted by Morgan & Banks / TMP Worldwide / Hudson Global (1999-2004) to conduct behavioural interview skills training, write training materials and conduct behavioural interviews for a number of large Corporate and Government clients.

Tailored to Managers and Team Leaders

One Day program


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  "Behavioural Interviewing:Tips to Hire The Right Person '
HKIHRM official journal, Hong Kong
Written by Judy Newgreen, Director, PRIORITY ONE TRAINING


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