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Putting the pursuit of excellence, the championing of diversity and the fostering of creativity and learning into practise.

White & Case - Negotiation - The Art of Win-Win

A program for Associates 0-3 years PQE was tailored to the White & Case Associate Career Framework. Participants practised the skills of negotiation and fully rehearsed a negotiation in small teams using an appropriate and relevant case study and applying the PRIORITY ONE TRAINING 9 step strategy IT'S A DEEAL™

White & Case - Strategic Influencing Skills
- increased success through balancing I.Q with E.Q

A Half Day program tailored to the White & Case Associate Career Framework was a highly productive, fun learning experience. Lawyers discussed self and relationship management to better use emotions with logic in all types of legal interactions, and applied the skills of influence to tailored White & Case scenarios

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd - Train the Trainer

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.(BTMU) have purchased under licence the PRIORITY ONE TRAINING Program Leadership Essentials - Managing Work, People , Self™

To support the rollout of the program across 11 locations throughout Asia a tailored 'Train the Trainer' three day program was conducted - day one at the BTMU training room and days two and three at the Suntec Convention Centre

Managers from Indonesia, Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam attended the experiential learning program

The managers presentations were recorded for self- evaluation

see Leadership

Feedback - "have become more confident to be a trainer", "I have completed a balanced, purposeful training program - am able to deliver the content interestingly", "confident and prepared to start a training session-be able to identify the 'likes' and 'don't likes' ", "acquired many activities, methods for me to utilize when I go back to my country", "blend of fun activities with learning content and the liberty to express our view/appreciation and support of the trainers","interactive sessions which helped me to understand. things/techniques of leadership essentials","the whole journey, it's wonderful! it's a Present! thank you!","enjoyed those inspiring activities which gave me so much ideas and good insight for future training, design and delivery","we all have fun with valuable knowledge!", "honestly, everything was enjoyable","the way of training (quite different from our country), very useful"

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Compensation & Benefits Congress 2008 - Judy Newgreen - Speaker

For two days the Intercontinental Hotel Singapore was the place for the Congress speakers and delegates to be part of a sharing experience of world wide expertise relevant to employee Compensation & Benefits. An increasingly powerful tool in the war for talent

Judy Newgreen, Director, PRIORITY ONE TRAINING, as the first speaker on Day One of the Congress, passionately addressed the issue through presenting lifeMoves® a strategy for retaining and attracting highly professional people through managing flexible work practices

Judy presented her case for introducing Flexible Work Practices (FWP): (presently only 21% of organisations in Singapore have FWP) studies indicate that employees feel that employers need to do more to promote work/life balance 2.increased levels of stress and absenteeism support the need for organisations to adopt FWP 3.diversity and equality of opportunity policies can be enhanced through the introduction of FWP 4. FWP can be a cost efficient component of a Compensation & Benefits program.

For a soft copy of the congress notes - contact us

DownloadDownload Compensation & Benefits Congress 2008 Flyer

Feedback - "good to cover topic in the context/application to a different cultures (America/Europe/APJ) Good examples / best practices that Judy has seen", "passionate speaker with substance", "she’s entertaining and ideal to kick-start the programme", "thought provoking", "relaxed style, interesting style","clear & engaging presentation","Ms Newgreen engaged audience successfully, especially dealing with Asian style (except Indian rationality) of not speaking up!","great able to attract audience participation","it was succinct, good presentation"

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KORN/FERRY INTERNATIONAL - Winning Presentations -The Edge™

The KORN/FERRY INTERNATIONAL Regional Operating Committee Meeting held at the Park Hyatt Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam was the setting for 10 Senior Regional Managers to enthusiastically and energetically participate in the exciting one day program

The fun learning experience was supported by thoughtful, focused and constructive group feedback on each Managers prepared formal presentation

The presentations were recorded on DVD for self- evaluation

Feedback - "creative,great insights,fun,more importantly learned a lot", "very useful to see that there are numbers of ways to make an effective presentation", "well done!", "short & precise - I like it", "learnt a lot above & beyond expectations","great ice breaker, really great exercises, learnt a lot","to be more out of the box!-need more help in that","learning from others the good & the bad","one of the best classes I have ever had, really have learnt a lot"

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HR Summit May 2008

Managing Performance - Performance Management is more about people than it is about systems. Measuring what people bring to the business is critical to organisational success. Well designed systems need to be supported by feedback delivered by management in a timely and supportive method - a highly interactive presentation with Judy Newgreen Director of PRIORITY ONE TRAINING sharing her international experiences of numerous organisations to demonstrate how to effectively link team and individual performance to the goals of the organisation.

Judy Newgreen Director of PRIORITY ONE TRAINING on stage at the Suntec Singapore International Convention Centre

DownloadDownload "Managing Performance"

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Make Training a Dynamic Exhilarating Learning Experience

The challenge set by Ian Newgreen Director of PRIORITY ONE TRAINING to the HR conference delegates - 'how do you provide training that is totally engaging, balances participants’ needs with those of the workplace and is totally focused on achieving objectives?'  

The fun interactive presentation demonstrated the answer to be Experiential Training. A learning process involving the participants in specifically designed activities; participants ‘experience’ the learning through practising and rehearsing the introduced skills and behaviours.

DownloadDownload "Training May Never Be the Same Again!"

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The trilogy completed

Allen & Gledhill - Departmental Retreat at the Movenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach, Phuket - 'Teams@Work'

114 partners and lawyers enjoyed a highly interactive program to recognise the six A&G values and develop their ability to demonstrate the associated behaviours

Teamwork was crucial to the success of the workshop. Department members worked enthusiastically in breakout groups to develop workable plans for future success, professionally presenting their plans to the group as a whole

Work and life balance focussed on the importance of each team member taking personal responsibility for 'balance'

Success was measured by the high quality of the Department plans, the strong involvement of the participants and the enjoyment generated

Second in the trilogy

Allen & Gledhill - Departmental Retreat at the Movenpick Resort & Spa, Karon Beach, Phuket - 'Teams@Work'

3 departments, 84 lawyers, developing departmental behaviours to recognise the six A&G values

Enthusiastically embracing A&G values as critical to effective team performance and linked to improved work & life balance

Departmental groups developed workable plans for future success

Feedback - "very interesting & engaging", " very helpful-thanks ", "thought provoking", "good effort in organizing program", "good job - thanks","very interactive", "well done"


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First in the trilogy

Allen & Gledhill - Partners Retreat at the Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Penang, Malaysia - 'Walk the Talk'

'Fun & frolic' won the day! Seventy Partners of A&G achieved the important business of the day and the feedback was highly congratulatory. 'Walk the Talk' a specifically tailored three hour workshop was skillfully facilitated to involve all participants in a variety of activities to achieve all agreed outcomes - SUCCESS , SUCCESS, SUCCESS

Feedback - see testimonial


Baker & McKenzie.Wong & Leow, Singapore office - Professional Development Retreat at Bintan Lagoon Resort Indonesia 'Communicating for Success'

A great team event which included Principals, Associate Principals, Associates, Pupils and PRIORITY ONE TRAINING

An energetic day in which team members shared physical and mental experiences to achieve team and personal success

Feedback - "fun & entertaining ", " interactive-thanks ", "interesting & fun", "thought provoking ", "engaging","very interactive", "food for thought", "something to think about"


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Baker & McKenzie.Wong & Leow - Winning Presentations - The Edge™

A select band of Lawyers with a Partner immersed themselves in two very interactive workshops conducted over two consecutive days and experienced the thrill of delivering 'different'. A success way of brand 'Baker & McKenzie.Wong & Leow' differentiation

SUCCESS - stepping out from what the others do

Feedback - "fresh & interesting", " very practical tools provided", "interaction was great", "excellent motivator: very helpful and practical advice", "very practical tips which can be applied straightway to improve any presentation","interactive & enjoyable ", "reflect more on difference between "lecturing" and "selling" " "very good retrieving confidence from the audience","interactive"


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Baker & McKenzie/Wong & Partners Kuala Lumpur - Partners & Associates Retreat at Putrajaya Shangri-La Winning Presentations - The Edge™

Day One of the Retreat, the afternoon session, where 32 Wong & Partners Lawyers enthusiastically participated in a fully tailored Winning Presentations- The Edge program designed for FUN and SERIOUS OUTCOMES


Photo: one of the many brilliant syndicate group presentations

Feedback - "useful, funny & impactful ", " engaging & informative ", "enjoyable/different perspective ", "fun, clear & concise ", "great tips on various areas of presentations ","fantastic", "good examples & interaction","curiosity piqueted - interested to know more","good interactive participation ", "love all the drawing games"


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HRM Workshop Series 2006 - Judy Newgreen,Director PRIORITY ONE TRAINING presenting 'Get the Balance- Create Success'

The great 'event'! Judy's highly interactive presentation was recently held at the Sheraton Towers Hotel, Singapore. HRM delegates representing some of Singapore's large global and local organisations, benefited from an afternoon in which Judy workshopped ideas on flexible work practices and presented organisational values as a pathway to change. Delegates delighted in role-playing the effective communication skills needed to work with Management to achieve highly 'workable' work/life balance practices.

A scenario played out between the HR Professional, the Staff person and the Manager brought a typical workplace situation to 'life'!

Feedback - "inspirational", " session was great", "interactive, I like it", "thoroughly enjoyed myself", "very interesting presentation","thanks for the sharing on work/life balance", "really fun & interactive","very engaging"

need to know more click here

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